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Young people are on the streets and in courts to protest against the most heinous of crimes, that of stealing their dreams, hopes, and future. The next decade will be critical to produce a paradigm shift to allow for the restoration of a stable climate which is a manifestation of a well-functioning Earth System.

Building hope highly depends on building a common ground within the Civil Society. This is a pre-condition for the critical transformative changes across all societal sectors, that is urgently needed.

Assuming that we all are “the peoples of the United Nations” the Global Pact Coalition, the Stakeholder Forum, the 2022 Initiative Foundation and the Common Home of Humanity, in partnership with a growing network of Civil Society Organizations across the globe, are promoting one initiative called – STOCKHOLM+49 Summit – as the kick-off for a Civil Society wide one-year discussion about what people believe should be the content of the High-Level Declaration foreseen for the commemorations of the 50 years of the world’s first major conference on international environmental issues, held in Stockholm, 1972.

One year before the Stockholm+50 event and marking the 49 years after the signature of the Stockholm Declaration on the 16th of June, 1972, we prepared a one-page document with highly relevant content which could serve as the basis for the very first draft Civil Society Declaration to start this discussion.

We invite you to participate in the Stockholm+49 Summit, scheduled for the 20th-21st of October, and contribute to this discussion.

We need to act now and we need to put in place a legal/policy framework that can support a collective action and is commensurate with the nature of the problem.

Are we a creative, innovative species or an evolutionary dead-end?

Stay tuned! The links to access the Stockholm +49 Summit will be available closer to the event.



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