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Episode 13 – Viriato Soromenho-Marques


Episode 16 - Louis Kotzé


Episode 14 – Katherine Richardson

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Episode 12 – Ana Barreira

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Episode 15 - Maria Tigre

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Episode 17- Princess Esméralda from Belgium

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Episode 18 - Frank Biermann

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Episode 19 - Maja Groff


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Common Home Conversations

Media Kit 2020

The Common Home of Humanity joined forces with the Planetary Press to promote the Common Home Conversations. We want to discuss in a weekly basis starting on 23 September 2020, with 20 key global personalities, how the proposal of recognizing the existence of an Intangible Global Common without borders – the Earth System – can change our relation with our planet. These series of interviews are conceived to prepare the discussions of UNEA5 (United Nations Environmental Assembly) that will happen on 21-26 February 2021, in Nairobi, where the draft of a High-Level Declaration foreseen for Stockholm+50 will be drawn.

Based on the discussion signalled by Why we need a legal Framework that recognizes a stable climate as an Intangible Common Heritage without any borders, the Common Home conversations aim to be the place to start discussing a new social contract, between society, economy and the Earth System and gathering all in this critical journey.  
The cascade effects of this proposal could be systemic and surely will produce huge impacts in international relations, economics and can open the door for the possibility of restoring a well-functioning Earth System. 

By talking around the possible consequences in different sectors, geographies and cultures, we intend that these conversations produce the trigger effect to build the momentum for a new approach towards the ongoing discussion around the Global Pact for the Environment. 

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