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Our Common Home is a Stable Climate

A Common Heritage of HUMANKIND


10 Reasons for PARIS+10

Cleaning up the Atmosphere and Oceans, requires that Climate belongs to someone – 

A Common Heritage of Humankind


1 - There is an urgent need to Clean Up the atmosphere and oceans

We need to remove greenhouse gases (GHG)

It is not enough to emit less GHG

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3 - Not Cleaning Up is more expensive and dangerous

The losses and suffering will be for everyone


5 - Cleaning Up an asset that belongs to everyone

In order to Clean Up, a Stable Climate must be recognized as a legal good of all of humankind

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7 - Cleaning Up is making collective action possible

Cleaning Up allow us to harmonize differentiated common responsibilities

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2 - Cleaning Up means removing CO2 without creating more emissions

Just reducing or neutralizing new emissions is not Cleaning Up

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4 - Cleaning Up is creating wealth

Cleaning Up while restoring our damaged Earth System is the safe way to continue creating wealth in our societies

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6 - Cleaning Up is an opportunity for justice

Cleaning up allows for equity, without which there is no justice

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8 - Cleaning Up using new financial instruments

It is possible to create new collective dynamics with new, transparent and coordinated investment strategies

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9 - Cleaning Up is building peace

Cleaning Up is building a just and equitable future for everyone

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10 - Cleaning Up is hope

The point at which individual interest is only achieved through the pursuit of the collective interests

Climate is our Common Heritage
Not just a Concern.

Climate is not just a “Common Concern”, as in the current framework of the Paris Agreement. This view underlies a deep structural problem that prevents collective action and climate stabilization. A Stable Climate is a truly common good, considering both legal and economic perspectives, a truly Common Heritage of Humankind”.

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