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Will Steffen & Hazel Henderson

This week we have exceptionally interrupted the podcast series Common Home Conversations beyond UN75 and published an interview with Professor Will Steffen and Ms. Hazel Henderson as part of a partnership between the Common Home of Humanity and Stanford University, one of the most prestigious in the world, which has already won 85 Nobel Prizes.

The Earth System Scientist, Professor Will Steffen and the Futurist and Evolutionary Economist Ms. Hazel Henderson, who clarified a few important points on climate change that can be very impactful in this discussion and explained how the climate crisis is not just a natural occurrence. Women's education and women's rights is one of the core aspects of improving our relationship with nature, as well as improving citizens’ quality of life.

Watch the full interview here conducted by Max Winpenny and produced by Geoffrey Holland, for the series Conversations on the Edge by Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) an initiative from Stanford University.

The interview is also available in Portuguese.

A entrevista está também disponível em português, para ler aqui.

La entrevista también se encuentra disponible en portugués, para leerla



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