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The UN75 Global Governance Forum seeks to promote a more inclusive and effective United Nations through dialogue and recommendations that better harness the ideas, capabilities, and networks of both state and non-state actors for achieving the UN’s commitment to peace, sustainable development, human rights, and a stable climate.

The Common Home of Humanity, invited to the UN75 Global Governance Forum, presented at the Forum one community-driven session titled “ONE EARTH SYSTEM, ONE HERITAGE, ONE PACT STOCKHOLM +50 AS THE RESTORE OF A WELL-FUNCTIONING EARTH SYSTEM/STABLE CLIMATE”, held on 18 September, with the following speakers:

· Maria Fernanda Espinosa (President of the 73rd session, UN General Assembly)

· Izabella Teixeira (Co-Chair of UNEP International Resource Panel)

· Magnus Jiborn (Head of Research Global Challenges Foundation)

· Paulo Magalhães (Founder and President of Common Home of Humanity)

· Earl James ( Member of the Board Common Home of Humanity) Moderator

As the window of opportunity for avoiding dangerous climate change is rapidly closing and scientists are warning about a planetary tipping point that can lie just ahead, the commemoration of the 50th anniversary (Stockholm+50) of the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) can be the last opportunity to make a conceptual evolution in international law, by bringing a new approach to the initiative launched by the Global Pact for the Environment (GPE). This represents a critical momentum to introduce new substantive content in the political declaration foreseen for this United Nations High-Level meeting, that can be a structural step to enable the restoration of a well-functioning Earth System/Stable Climate.



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