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CHC 3th ep. Izabella Teixeira

The seventh episode of the Common Home Conversations is now out. Check the most recent interview of the podcast, this week with the Co-Chair of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Ambassador of the Common Home of Humanity, Izabella Teixeira. The interview in English can be found here.

“The diversity of societies, diversity of economic realities, diversity of environmental reality, but we have one planet. And we need to understand how things connect, how we can share responsibilities, what would be the new expression of global citizenship. And that’s why a global pact for me, to debate a global pact for the environment makes sense; we need to debate, we need to understand what are the new challenges, we need to understand what are the new responsibilities. Not to go against one country or another one.” - Izabella Teixeira

The third video of the campaign - Interdependence - is now available here.

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