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SOS Treaty mentioned of the Living Planet Report.

The Living Planet Report is WWF flagship publication taking stock of the state of the Earth’s natural systems and presenting solutions to lead our society towards truly sustainable development. Specifically, the report, published biennially, represents a health check of our planet and its biodiversity and investigates the scale and impact of human activity on our planet through approaches such as the Ecological Footprint and the Planetary Boundaries.. This year edition of the report is dedicated to the Anthropocene and was presented on October 26th, 2016 in many cities across the world. The Italian launch of the report took place in Rome, Palazzo Montecitorio, the Italian Chamber of Deputies with the participation of Chamber’s President Laura Boldrini.

The 2016 edition is titled “Living Planet Report: Risk and resilience in a new era”, in reference to the geological age in which we are living, the Anthropocene. This definition, coined by Paul Crutzen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, intends to stress the exceptional character of human intervention in the planet’s natural systems: man is absolutely central to the Anthropocene, his actions are capable of affecting factors such as climate and the earth’s surface, modifying their natural dynamics.

During the lecture WWF Italy’s scientific Director, Gianfranco Bologna, of the SOS Treaty book was mentioned and the idea of a Treaty for the Safe Operation Space welcomed as innovative and highly needed.



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