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Global Challenges Foundation

The New Shape Prize is the biggest competition of its kind, seeking improved frameworks of global governance of global catastrophic risks. It was open for submissions from November 2016 to September 2017. The competition received 2,702 entries from 122 countries.

Common Home of Humanity made one submission and was one of the 14 finalists, and participated in the New Shape Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, 27-29 May 2018.

At the New Shape Forum in May 2018, the Global Challenges Foundation (GCF) opened applications for working groups who were interested in refining the best ideas from the New Shape Prize competition. After having undergone an international and sustained assessment process, there was strong agreement that many of the proposals received from the New Shape Prize held significant potential and could be further developed along the key aspects of being operational, legitimate and viable.

With these criteria in mind, GCF selected 5 groups to continue the work that began at the New Shape Forum. Common Home of Humanity was selected and participated in the Paris Peace Forum



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