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CHH at UN75 Global Governance Forum

Common Home of Humanity leads a UN75 PartnershipTable on Climate Governance

Building the pathway for boosting an ‘Earth System Caring Economy’

The Common Home of Humanity has been invited to lead a Partnership Table on Climate Governance at the UN75 Global Forum around the Common Home of Humanity’s Initiative “ONE EARTH SYSTEM, ONE COMMON HERITAGE, ONE NEW GLOBAL PACT”. CHH brings together 11 truly global and diverse, and high-level participants composing the two sessions of this Partnership Table.

One of the reasons for this invitation is that Common Home of Humanity has actively participated in the meetings of the Global Pact for the Environment, where CHH has introduced the need for a systemic and global approach to the Earth System.

This platform will provide an opportunity to open the discussion between leaders from governments, civil society organizations, as well as from the philanthropic, technology, and business communities, to foster new and innovative partnerships to better address some of the pressing global issues (peace and security, sustainable development, human rights, and climate governance challenges). The results of the Partnership Tables will be presented to the UN75 Leaders Summit in Sept 21 2020.



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