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CHC First Episode Will Steffen

On September 23 was launched the first interview of the podcast Common Home Conversations Beyond UN75 in partnership with The Planetary Press and part of the CHH campaign One Earth System, One Common Heritage, One Global Pact - Campaign for the legal recognition of a Stable Climate.

Every Wednesday, up to UNEA5 in February 2021, a new conversation will be published. Common Home of Humanity challenges global leading personalities to discuss how the proposed legal recognition of a global intangible common good without borders - the Earth System - can change our relationship with our planet.

“(...) Earth System Science, I think it's the scientific underpinning that's required to build a new legal framework. Because Earth System Science says, we are on one planet, which has one single life support system. (...) So that really then translates into our common home, it is our home.” - Will Steffen

Listen to the first conversation of the Common Home Conversations with the Earth System Scientist and Chair of the Scientific Committee of Common Home of Humanity, Professor Will Steffen. Available here

To access the interview in Portuguese click on the link bellow:

The CHH campaign also includes a set of videos on the organization's vision and goals. Watch the first video – Earth Systemhere

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