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Cidade+ Conference : Earth System our Common Home

«Science has shown that what is at stake is not “saving the planet”, but rather maintaining a relatively favourable state of the planet for humankind. This means that a planet outside such a favourable state cannot serve as our "Home". This favourable state of the Earth System is a global intangible good, which is impossible to legally divide. Our planet is more than a geographic area spanning 510 million km2. While all planets have a geographic area, only Earth has a unique system intrinsically coupled to the physical planet, capable of sustaining life as we know it. But, from a legal point of view, the planet has only one existence as a territorial entity.

This one-dimensional view excludes the most remarkable and vital expression of nature — the functioning of the Earth System as the "software" that supports life. The Earth System is a global and intangible Global Common, that is not recognised or supported by the rigidity of the current legal system.”

With this theme for discussion, with a partnership with Cidade+, Common Home of Humanity has organized an Conference on the 7 July, 2018, with the participation of Prof. Klaus Bosselmann, Prof. Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Prof. Prue Taylor, Prof. Orfeu Bertolami and Dr. Paulo Magalhães.



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