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CHC Pathway of Hope: The Stockholm+50 Declaration – Episode 8 Inge Relph

The 8th episode of the Common Home Conversations Pathway to 2022 is now out.

In this week's conversation you will hear from Inge Relph, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Global Choices.

All the content is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

"The fires in Australia are now being linked to the Arctic. The fires in the States are being linked to drought caused by this huge variability of our climate system. So as the polar vortex, which was a very stable system, becomes unstable and meanders, you start having these very erratic climate patterns."

"I do think we need a declaration around our common home (…) a universal framework, which is systems, and which is exactly what we're doing. We have to see these as great systems, and we need to find a way to govern them in the common interest." - Inge Relph

Every other week, a new conversation will be published. Stay tuned!

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