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CHC Pathway of Hope: The Stockholm+50 Declaration – Episode 7

The 7th episode of the Common Home Conversations Pathway to 2022 is now out.

In this week's conversation you will hear from Daniel Perell, Representative to the UN for the Baha'i International Community.

All the content is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

"The Declaration is very short. The reason is that to be concise in this world is quite important right now. (…) the idea was to get to the point. What is it that we really think needs to be done?" "This one-page Declaration has within it the objectives of a new game, a game that would allow for a flourishing human experience for everyone. And I think that is a game-changer for sure when compared to recent experience with growing inequality, climate change, etc." "What is the relationship between the right to a healthy environment and peace and justice? These things go hand in hand. Peace, as we know, doesn't occur in isolation from development or human rights." - Daniel Perell

Every other week, a new conversation will be published. Stay tuned!

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