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On June 30 was launched the first part of the first interview of the podcast Common Home Conversations Pathway to 2022. A new edition of the Planetary Podcast kicked off a new series of talks grounded on the specific theme - The Pathway to the Civil Society 2022 Declaration.

The first episode of the new season brought together Maria Fernanda Espinosa, President of the UN General Assembly-73rd Session and Izabella Teixeira, Co-Chair of the United Nations Environment Programme’s International Resource Panel and former Minister for the Environment of Brazil. You can see here.

This series, hosted by The Planetary Press, aim to bring influential, activist, academic, and public figures into discussions about what should be the content of the Civil Society 2022 Declaration to ensure that this can be a Game Changer. Climate challenges and possible solutions to create a “Stabilized Earth” pathway that steers the Earth System away from its current trajectory toward the Hothouse Earth will be addressed.

Content also available in Portuguese and Spanish on the link bellow:

Every other week, a new conversation will be published. Stay tuned!

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