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CH Conversation Pathway of Hope: The Stockholm+50 DeclarationEP.6 Fergus Watt

The 6th episode of the Common Home Conversations Pathway to 2022 is now out.

In this week's conversation you will hear from Fergus Watt, Coordinator for the Coalition for the UN We Need.

All the content is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

“The Paris Agreement recognizes global warming as a common concern, but just that different language would communicate to lawyers that a more binding set of rules and a more comprehensive governance framework is required, and this might kick start strengthening some of the agreements under the Framework Convention on Climate Change."

"We measure progress with indicators like the gross domestic product, the GDP. If you have an entity that's cutting down a bunch of forests and selling trees, is that progress? Or is it not? The costs to the environment become just sort of externalities in an economic model that is reliant on GDP."

"Hopefully, there will be some progress on this in terms of normative frameworks around common heritage and different concepts of wealth creation when governments and civil society gather in Stockholm in June (2022).” - Fergus Watt

Every other week, a new conversation will be published. Stay tuned!

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