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Manifest Brazil-EU concerning the EU-Mercosur Agreement

The Stable Climate as a Common Heritage of Humankind

Around fifty Portuguese and Brazilian personalities from the most diverse sectors of civil society - from former ministers, artists, writers, representatives of youth climate movements, former ambassadors, academics, indigenous communities, activists of various ages and from various civil society organisations - present the Brazil-EU Manifest for a Stable Climate as a Common Heritage of Humankind. With the election of Lula da Silva and the return of Brazil to its indispensable place in international politics, favourable conditions have been created for starting from the environmental/climate issue, to build a new strategy to combat climate change, producing cascading effects in the most varied areas of society, based on effective multilateralism.

In this sense, the signatories state that conversations should be resumed within the framework of the EU/MercoSur Agreement, to which an environmental annex should be added, with a view to forming a strategic partnership for a stable climate, based on the concerns expressed on both sides of the Atlantic.

Access here to the Brazil-EU Manifest in english and in portuguese:

The signatories invite everyone to add their name to this initiative by sending an email to:

Articles and news about the Manifest launched on 28th December 2022:



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