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Common Home of Humanity has been invited to integrate the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations

The Common Home of Humanity has been invited by the UN75 Global Governance Forum to lead a Partnership Table on Climate Governance around the Common Home of Humanity’s Initiative “ ONE EARTH SYSTEM, ONE COMMON HERITAGE, ONE GLOBAL PACT”. CHH brought together 11 truly global, diverse, and high-level participants in the two sessions of this Partnership Table, reinforcing a partnership with the Global Pact Coalition.


The main results will be presented on the Session of September 17, 9:25 am - 10:40 am EST.  


The Forum seeks to promote a more inclusive and effective United Nations through facilitating multi stakeholder dialogues and presenting recommendations for "The Future We Want, The UN We Need." An opportunity to bring together 200+ leaders from governments, civil society organizations, as well as from the philanthropic, technology, and business communities.  The final aim is to foster new and innovative partnerships between the UN system and the participants, to better address some of the pressing global issues (peace and security, sustainable development, human rights, and climate governance challenges).


CHH will be presenting at the Forum one community-driven session titled “One Earth System, One Heritage, One Pact Stockholm +50 as the restore of a well-functioning Earth System/Stable Climate” held on 18 September, 9:00 EDT , New York, USA, with Maria Espinosa, President of the 73rd session UN General Assembly; Izabella Teixeira, co-chair of UNEP International Resource Panel; Magnus Jiborn, Head of Research Global Challenges Foundation; and Paulo Magalhães, Founder and President of Common Home of Humanity.

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