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Will Steffen by MAHB

Every Wednesday and until UNEA5 in February 2021, at the Common Home Conversations beyond UN75 podcast we discuss with leading global personalities how the proposed legal recognition of a global intangible Common Good without borders - the Earth System - can change our relationship with our planet.

This week, due to the U.S. presidential elections, we have exceptionally interrupted this series and published an interview with Will Steffen as part of a partnership between the Common Home of Humanity and Stanford University (Silicon Valley, California, USA), one of the most prestigious in the world, which has already won 85 Nobel Prizes.

Earth System Scientist Professor Will Steffen was the first interviewee of the podcast, discussing the CHH's proposals in the field of international law.

The scientific foundations of these proposals are highlighted in the Stanford University’s interview. Read here.

Portuguese version here.

Transcripción de la entrevista aquí.

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